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a) To demonstrate a spirit of compassion to vulnerable groups and individuals; Supporting the extremely poor individuals and various persons of concerns,
giving them hope to live.

b) To encourage peaceful co-existence amongst different groups of people living

in Uganda.

c) To build Psycho-social support and provision of counseling services to various vulnerable persons of concerns.

d) Giving education support, to orphans, unaccompanied / abandoned children,

and children living on streets through the provision of bursaries and other educational materials and support.

e) Support vulnerable people to access basic necessities in life like food, shelter,

clean water, medical care and others as will be deemed appropriate

f) Advocate and promote environmental protection initiatives, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures such as tree growing, environmental education, capacity building trainings, and other clean sources of energy such as solar and use of alternative sustainable cooking options such as energy saving stoves and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

g) To promote social empowerment and social protection through the provision

of life skills / vocational training, VSLA groups to build self-reliance and resilience.

h) Provision of safe water, sanitation and hygiene interventions to communities

and institutions of concern.

i) To promote the rights and dignity of women, girls and children.

PSM Charity

Background:  PSM Charity's spark of the vision was after seeing one broadcast on a major TV channel in Uganda about a child-headed family (by a girl of 7) taking care of her three siblings.
The Television was calling for assistance from anyone that could support this young child-headed family.
The management decided to visit these kids and their story really impressed the management to do something more sustainable to help out many more children like these. So, what started as a service was now turned into an NGO.

From that moment till to date, PSM Charity 
has supported hundreds of such vulnerable children, women, and impoverished individuals with relief items, academic support, and fundraising campaigns to support individuals with terminal illnesses to go abroad for operations, among others.

Human Resource: We have multi-discipline, self-motivated professionals in terms of human resources working to ensure that the objectives of the Organization are achieved.

Registration of a Non-Governmental Organization:
In order to cause the social-economic transformation of such vulnerable communities, it was necessary to have a better-organized system for human, financial, and material resource mobilization. It is against this background that we took a decision to register PSM Charity as a Non-Governmental Organization.

PSM Charity,  is now a registered Non-Government Organization at Plot 934 Naalya Close, Kireka Parish, Namugongo division, Kira Municipality – Wakiso District Uganda under Registration Number 6145.

Financial & Material Resources: We heavily depend on individual contributions of members and fundraising from well-wishers. The extent and scope of services offered are limited by the amount of financial and material resources mobilized.  


The following are some of the key challenges to the Ministry

a) Financial and Material constraints which limit the scope & extent of our services.

b) Mobility in terms of transport vehicles to reach communities.

c) Lack of sponsorship for proposed projects.

In view of the above concern, we decided to succor.
Our current running projects. 


We have constructed many well-piped water sources in different communities and the only challenge we have now is borehole construction because there are some areas where wells cannot be constructed, such areas need boreholes but now it is still difficult due to high expenses. The following are some of the communities that we have helped.


Having reached many areas and find Humans using the same water source with Animals, we decided to intervene and help such communities by constructing boreholes and piped wells to help over 1500 people access clean water. Currently, our running water project is in kkingo sub-county, Lwengo District. 

Water Project - Magalimba Village.jpg
Tr edie.jpg

We are blessed to have powerful and professional volunteers who have helped us to make a small change

in the communities that we reach. Mr. Matovu Edward is the project manager of our project Safe Water Supply, He is a 28-year-old Industrial Engineer by profession, a graduate of  Bachelor's of Industrial Engineering and Management at Kyambogo University - Uganda, and a Masters of Business Administration student at the University of Suffolk - UK, currently working as Quality Assurance Officer at NEC AGRO SMC LTD and Operations Manager at Budding Leaf Limited. He is a former Production Manager at Peacock Paints Ltd and a Junior Industrial Engineer at Bakhita Twase Coffee factory - Director of Pathfinder Club

(Youth Ministries Kireka) and has worked with us since 2017.




  The water point from which people fetch water 

Young/Single Mothers Brace Program (YSMBP)

PSM Charity's great mission is to ensure that no child or woman suffers unattended to;
This work is very big, and what we have done is very little, owes a lot and we have very little, we are currently standing by the help of individuals who are interested in this work, we ask our colleagues who have any help they can give us. Let's join together, let's do something, we believe these women are very privileged in raising their children, there are girls who make mistakes and give birth at a very young age of 11 or 12 years, and they are kicked out of their homes and men deny them, and end up in a mess, imagine that young girl, who doesn't even know about giving birth, if she is not helped please, how will that child grow up? 


They are also taught how to make reusable pads as a sustainability measure. And we also train them on other core capacity-related topics.  


We also sensitize their communities on sanitation and hygiene and they acquire knowledge and skills in tree planting and the use of energy-saving stoves in order to protect the environment because even if we do everything without protecting the environment, then we will not be able to live so in everything we do we try to teach people to protect the environment.

There is a second category of women between the ages of 19 -35 years, and they are also single mothers.  because we believe that these women play a huge role in the development of children, we care about them and so we developed a program to help them. By providing them with equipment for their homes and daily lives, and teaching them Vocation Skills for those who cannot learn, there is a program to provide them with start-up funds and kits, For those who cannot learn we give them a small capital to raise such as chickens, For those who cannot learn we give them a small capital to raise such as chickens, There are also provided with menstrual hygiene kits periodically.

That is why we are coming out and focusing on these Young innocent mothers who are suffering this kind of problem, who have no one to help, if you watch our video of the girls of Mende sub-county, the girl said she got to give birth without even knowing she had twins, he arrived at the hospital with nothing, you could say he went to see the doctors and the doctors were surprised, besides he didn't know what to do but she didn't have the money, if we sit down now then who will help?

Miss Hamida Nalugo.jpg





Allow me to introduce Mrs. Grace Gaboine our lovely mum, all her heart and life are given to the community

to help and save innocent children and starve single mothers to have a better life, a chancellor to unsettled homes, and has undoubtedly brought a change to many homes in different communities. She is 39 years of age, completed her primary studies at Nabisoigi p/school, Kololo high O'level, Budini SS A'level then joined the international institute of Complementary and alternative medicine. later she specialized in physiotherapy/

clinical massage. has a certificate in counseling and guidance,  started working with the elderly group at Church Kireka for two years then started working with Dr. Jjuuko Ndawula located at Kitintale for four years, and now working alone visiting patients at their respective homes and countries. She gets her appointments and has seen many needy families even in her field. She has too much experience with the local community because she always carries out outreaches in deep villages in Uganda and other countries with the Taso sub-group. She started volunteering with us in 2017. 

Minor's Relief Program (MRP)

Since Covi19 hit us, we have not recovered, but the needs are increasing, the Organizations that were providing us with aid have cut us off, and the individuals who were providing us with aid have also decreased completely, we are in a difficult time and we have to work, do you understand why you are on our website now?

These children need you to help them, it is true they may not know you, but they know one thing there are people far away who care about them being well-fed, dressed, educated, treated, etc. maybe one day you will have the opportunity to visit them, they are very happy and welcoming, don't leave this site without buying a child at least a book, and take the opportunity to be one of the people who help these children to have a better life.

I pray that God will bless you and keep you safe so that you can continue to help so many other organizations help those in need.

Taking BreakFast - Thank you to all of you who helped us to make sure we got something to eat

This work is very big, and what we have done is very little, owes a lot and we have very little, we are currently standing by the help of individuals who are interested in this work, we ask our colleagues who have any help they can give us. Let's join together, let's do something, we have 316 children in our home in Lwamata - Kiboga District and any help you can give us is very welcome, Food, Vegetables, Clothes, Books, Money, and more are welcome., 

1 (17).jpeg
Pr Nyende 2_edited_edited.jpg

Pr. Nyende John is one of the committed volunteers that has helped many young people to reach their goals, especially in the education sector.  He was born on 19th March 1985 in Kyazanga, Lwengo District. He finished his primary studies at Vic View Nursery and Primary School in Jinja District, O level at light Secondary SchoolKitoma, and A level at Katikamu SDA Secondary School. He acquired a certificate in computer applications at Uganda Research Institute -

Nakawa and his 1st Degree in Theology BTh At Bugema University Main campus Luwero District. He has served as a volunteer with Concern Uganda Nakasongola District as a Home Based Care Giver in Wabinyonyi and Kalongo Sub-county, Working with Concern was Under the program for People Living with HIV in the community. He has a passion for gospel ministry and education for young people in any community Because he loves seeing young people changing for the better and achieving their future. He joined us in 2017 and has been running all the projects concerning youth and children Sponsorships. 



Thanks to all who have stood by us to help us ensure that we can help others, we ask all of you who can help us to continue this work, to join us.
Thank you very much.

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