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According to the population census (2014), education levels are variant in different districts. But nationwide, 58% percent of the population aged 6 years and above have attained primary education. (12.5%) of children aged 6 – 12 Years were not in school, (8%) of children less than 18 years of age were orphaned; our effect on educating a child is to mark in change the lively hood of different families by providing essential items like food, clothing medical assistance, good shelter, and other life basic needs that enable the child to acquire better education.

Minor's Relief Program (MRP) 2023

PSM is struggling to create a happy and dignified life for children and women, this year we have achieved the following concerning children’s education and welfare. 

Bedding; 260 Pupils have been given beds, all our children now can sleep well and enjoy their studies, every term we have been adding beds as the number increases.

PSM has provided Scholastic materials (Books, pens, rulers, etc.) Every term as PSM we provide educational materials to every pupil for them to acquire the best.

PSM has provided Menstrual Hygiene Kits (Bucket, Knickers-3 pairs, Soap, sanitary towels-4packets) All pupils especially mature girls, are given menstrual hygiene kits.

PSM has Provided Personal hygiene and other home necessities (sponges, bathroom towels, shavers, petroleum jelly, Bedding, padlock and keys, flasks, etc.)

PSM has Provided Holiday packages for all our pupils in order not to relax while is a holiday. Every item given is free and to all, thank you please for the support.

Young/Single Mothers Brace Program (YSMBP)

Prize Studio Ministries (PSM) Believes that when a mother is contented, then the child is safe. As an organization, we put emphasis on the first category of single mothers between 11 years to 25 years who at times are forced to enter marriage and those who get pregnant. Many get pregnant due to a lack of support from their parents to study and some are left parentless at a young age but with the responsibility of their young ones and they remain with no choice and many other factors. Due to the fact that many girls drop out of school because they get pregnant at a tender age as low as 11 years and can no longer continue with their studies, it is our responsibility to intervene with these young single mothers to see that they don't become hooligans with their children, and give them new life. 

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The program's overall objective is to “Improve sanitation levels, water scarcity and mitigating effects of climate change.

The project seeks to realize the following outcomes;

Community sanitation & Hygiene enhanced.

Action is taken to abate carbon emissions, Climate change mitigation & Adaptation.

Provide  Clean water for life to people with no access. 

Construction of Pit Latrines in different communities.

Providing saving stoves and other alternative cooking ways and teaching people how to survive without charcoal.

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