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Minors Relief Program


Youth & Single Mothers Brace Program


Revival & Beyond Initiative
(Mental Health) 


Central Uganda WASH-ECO Intervention (CUWEI Program)

|Mental Health - Giving New Life to Communities|


It has been both experienced and evidenced that the prevalence of mental illness across our country, Uganda, is high. According to the latest WHO data, at least 7.4% of Ugandans are affected by common mental disorders, particularly depression, anxiety, and alcohol use disorders.

Much as almost every household accommodates a mentally ill person, many people with mental health problems do not receive treatment. There are many reasons why people are not seeking treatment, either they have poor insight into their own well-being, are not aware of where they can go for treatment, and/or are not satisfied with the services they have received in the past. 
People who are mentally ill are regarded as always dangerous to those around them, are bewitched, cursed, and do not need any medical treatment like other patients. Because of the misconceptions by the majority of people with mental illness, the victims leave under isolation, and mistreatment and are treated as outcasts.

Because Uganda is a low-income country, there are a number of psychosocial challenges that directly affect the mental health of the people. Stressful situations e.g., loss of a job, or a loved one, sudden disability, or war situations amongst others perpetuate mental illnesses. The mental health of people has been additionally burdened by COVID–19 ever since it was declared a pandemic outbreak in March 2020. 


A big number of youths have lost their mental abilities through drug and substance abuse. This has led to a greater number of youths who cannot sustain themselves and thus the reason for the PSM Charity.
Through Psychosocial support and provision of counseling services to various vulnerable persons of concerns, sensitization of communities about mental health, and Mobile clinics in underserved communities of Mityana and Luweero Districts, 40 patients have been enrolled on care from 3 sub-counties of Maanyi, Namutamba, and Kikamulo. More patients keep reaching our desk for assistance however we have not been in a position to support them because of lack of funds.
Sharing with them, socializing with them, welcoming them, and showing them that they are human too is our policy, and this has helped us to recover these people with this problem, our doctors not only give them medicine but visit them in their homes with the team of volunteers, we eat with them and give them hope, we can only give help to 10% of the patients that we have. More funds will help us to extend our services to other vulnerable people who have not been reached yet.


Ssebaggala Moses

Mental Health Specialist.

Moses Final Left.jpg

Project Officer

Give the child a good life, save tomorrow!

We need help to create more opportunities for more children to access services for better education, every child deserves better. With your donation, we will increase the number of children helped.


Minor's Relief Program (MRP)

We have 516 children under our care now ranging from 3 years to 15 years old who are in dire need of help, we feed them, clothe them, educate them, and all other necessities to survive, but food has become very difficult for us because flour, wheat, and beans are costly, this has caused us many problems and we have no sponsor to help us, When COVID-19 came things changed a lot, those who helped us left but the children stayed and increased, we, therefore, call for emergency help to support us feed these children, anyone willing to join us please Join us to build a better life for these kids please, we believe everyone deserves a chance. Under this program, Needy children are supported with quality education, There are many children whose parents cannot afford to support them to study, some have no parents, and some have no home, This is the program that helps them to be able to study and to get resources like other children, no one calls death or bad situation. HIV has hit us hard and has left many children orphaned, others find themselves alone without parents that is the main reason why we are so concerned about these children, they also deserve a better life.

Your help encourages these children and even helps us reach out to many others whom we have not yet reached because of the limited support we have.

Save Juliet & Phoebe's Future!

Lataru Juliet (14) and Ekoni Phoebe (12) were siblings born with visual and hearing impairments in the Luwero district. These who live with their single poor mom because their father abandoned them because of their disabilities. PSM Charity learned about them through a concerned citizen through our YouTube channel who wanted an organization that could support this unfortunate family who was almost dying due to starvation, whose situation was further exacerbated due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in Uganda. 

PSM Charity visited this family and provided it with food and other core relief items.  In addition, PSM Charity helped take these two visually impaired sisters to Mengo Hospital to have them examined by professionals and determine the best course of action. The medical report recommended specialized treatment abroad for corrective surgeries as per the uploaded medical reports below.

Kindly support through these accounts 1006202223682 UGX, 1006202223682 USD, Equity Bank, Mukono Branch, or Mtn (*165*3#) Enter 169247, and Airtel (*185*9#) Enter 4343670, Thank you for considering supporting this very noble cause.


This program focuses on girls who drop out of school because they get pregnant at a tender age as young as 12 years and can no longer continue with their studies, their parents chase them away and when they go to the men responsible for the pregnancies, those men abandon them too.  In this situation, the pregnant girls remain in a dilemma starving of hunger, lacking basic necessities, and not knowing what to do next in order to sustain their lives. They end up seeking refuge in dilapidated housing structures existing in the area.  If these young single mothers are not helped, they will become hooligans with their children and become a problem to other people. We believe that single mothers are vital in sustaining and shaping their children's lives. Therefore, they should be helped together with their children, to live decent lives.

Your help will enable us to reach out to many in need whom we have not yet helped.

According to the population census (2014), the education levels are variant in different districts. But nationwide, 58% percent of the population aged 6 years and above have attained primary education. (12.5%) of children aged 6 – 12 Years were not in school, (8%) of children less than 18 years of age were orphaned; This is why PSM Charity focuses on lending a helping hand to Children and women and straggling to see that no child and woman suffer unattended to; and that both live a happy and fulfilled life, and we do this by creating a better environment, if the mother is well, so are her children, therefore we believe that if we create conditions that enable them to provide themselves with food, clothing, and household items, is a good start.


The first benefit of this program is that Children in need of care and protection, destitute poor, neglected needy, and orphan children are comforted.

This Program also focuses on improving children’s welfare and ensuring that children learn in an environment that enables them to learn well with adequate resources.

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Youth/Single Mothers Brace Program (YSMBP)

PSM Charity focuses on lending a helping hand to Children and women. Our mission is” A happy and dignified life for children and women". Our focus is to ensure that no child and woman suffer unattended to; and that both live a happy and fulfilled life, We do this by creating a better environment, if the mother is well, so are her children, We believe that if we create conditions that enable them to provide themselves with food, clothing, and household items, we have given them a great start in their lives so you are welcome to join the journey of providing women and children an open door.

The program also helps the second category of single mothers we have consists of women in the age bracket of 26 to 45 years who are either widows or whose husbands are still alive but do not fulfill their responsibility of looking after the family. The increasing number that we have day by day pushes us to get immediate sources of income, the Lwamata area in Kiboga District which consists of 250 single mothers of this category, and Kira Municipality Wakiso District with 150 in number, have increased the need. This is a call to us all that we have to intervene and help, there are more than 1000 single mothers that we haven’t registered in our books due to the limited resources that we have.

This Program’s objective is to “Improve sanitation levels, water scarcity and mitigating effects of climate change in Central Uganda.

It has been proved the girls who have reached menstruation often drop out of school if they don’t have Menstrual management kits and knowledge. Women also feel unsafe to freely interact with the community during their menstrual periods. This gap is supported by the research outcomes derived from the menstrual health country Snap shop report Uganda (2022) which stipulated that;

  • 65% of girls and women in Uganda are unable to fully access & and meet their MHM needs from 140 schools in Uganda.

  • 70% of adolescent girls mentioned menstruation as a major hindrance to their optimal performance at school.

  • Over 50% of girls and women were stressed while in menstruation due to menstrual pains, body weaknesses, and heavy flow which often bring headaches

  • 79% of women and girls experience menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) as their main menstrual health challenge. Disposal pads are the most commonly used material among school girls and career women. Rural women and girls commonly used pieces of cloth for padding. 52% use disposable pads, 32% use pieces of cloth, 6% reusable pads, 5% cotton wool, 3% use toilet paper, and 2% use other materials.

This program helps to fill this gap by providing girls and women with menstrual hygiene kits periodically, and also skilled in the making of reusable pads as a sustainability measure. Besides the girls and women are trained on other core capacity-related topics this also involves communities being sensitized on sanitation and hygiene.

Central Uganda WASH-ECO Intervention (CUWEI Program)

Children engaged in Tree planting - Photo by Med.jpg

This program also addresses water and sanitation-related problems. According National Population and Housing Census 2014, there is still a gap in WASH interventions; the highest proportion (34 percent) of households used borehole water for drinking while 29 percent of households used water from unimproved water sources. (National Population and Housing Census 2014, Pag 32), Therefore

If measures are taken to provide improved technologies of water sources can help to save lives.

The Program also aims to abate carbon emissions, Climate change mitigation, and adaptation by increasing the number of trees planted, increasing the number of households using efficient cooking stoves, and resorting to other cleaner sources of fuel, training and sensitizing communities, school children, and women on Environmental protection and management and uses community participatory approaches whereby communities are themselves at the forefront of finding durable solutions for their local environmental issues - Knowledge reduces complexity.


Jerry _edited.jpg
John Kinene Mutyaba
    Chief Executive Officer

Kinene John Mutyaba is one of the founders of PSM Charity who grew up in a children's home, he holds a degree in Multimedia and a diploma in computer science. Married to one woman with one Child.

Sam Luiz.jpg
   Sam Ssemakula
Manager Administration

Ssemakula Sam is one of the founder members of PSM Charity, he is currently the Human Resource Director. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, a diploma in Human Resource Management, and a diploma in Business Administration

Pr Nyende 2_edited_edited.jpg
Pr. John Nyende
  Project Manager (MRP)
Nkinzi Ruth Nakalema 

Nkinzi Ruth is one of the founder members of
PSM Charity studied business administration, and currently, Is the Treasurer on the board of Directors. Married with one child. 

John B Mutabaluka
  Board Member

John Baptist Mutabaluka is one of the founder members of PSM Charity, he is currently in field operations of the organization and has worked with different organizations for 36 years to date. He is married to one woman and has five children. 

Pr. Nyende John is one of the PSM founders. He acquired a certificate in computer applications at Uganda Research Institute - Nakawa and his 1st Degree in Theology BTh At Bugema University Main campus Luwero District. Have been volunteering in the education sector of the organization since it started as the number one funder of this project. He is married to one woman with one child.


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Our Home In Lwamata

Mental Halthy

Since COVID-19 hit us, things have not been going well again, We are trying our best to support the 516 children we have from different parts of the country, who are in dire need of help as usually done by feeding them, clothing them, educating them, and all other necessities to survive, We are trying our best but the situation has not improved due to the very little support we receive from our friends who are committed to taking this ministry forward. Our budget is $7152.78 per month and 21,458.34 per term, By now we're fundraising $5000 to get termly maize flour and beans to survive. We invite you all to join us with any help, no matter how small, we welcome it.          

Key Partner